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Concert Information

Join us for a thrilling evening of classical music from the Romantic era, featuring Brahms Symphony No. 1 and Beethoven Symphony No.7. Composed in 1812, during a difficult period in Beethoven’s life, No. 7 holds a special place in the classical repertoire due to its exhilarating energy, and emotional depth. One of its distinctive features is its rhythmic drive, evident in the famous second movement, Allegretto.

Brahms No. 1 premiered in 1876, marking his debut as a symphonic composer. The symphony famously took 14 years to compose, as Brahms struggled under the burden of being seen as Beethoven’s musical heir. He deeply admired Beethoven’s music and sought to carry on his legacy while also carving out his own path as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era. ​

Mandle Philharmonic is the initiative of Mandle Cheung. The self-taught conductor, leading an orchestra of world-class musicians, has created an upstart ensemble that forges a new space in orchestral music.


Concert Venue

5040, Yonge Street, North York, ON M2N 6R8